Symbolic Snake: Partially-Opened

Dr. Roylott succeeds at deceitfully killing one of his two step-daughters by the bite of India’s deadliest snake, the swamp adder, and ironically accounts for his own demise at the same source while attempting to bring death upon his second step-daughter some time later.  The Doctor devises an elaborate, complex scheme involving a faux pulley, a tainted vent and the very dangerous creature.  Why?  What’s the significance of the choice snake?  Does it represent something more than an “idea of using a form of poison which could not possibly be discovered by any chemical test” or examining coroner?

To achieve results, I will search for literary symbolism, specifically that of the snake.

In fact, I’ll test it out right now:

I entered “symbolism” under “SU Subject Terms” and “snake” under “TX All Text.” The first listed article result: One Snake or Two: The Symbols of Medicine.

Dr. Roylott, I think I’m on to you . . . (and have partially closed the open-ended question).

Next, I’ll incorporate “deceit” into my research and further gather information on the symbolic representations of the snake using keywords, such as “medicine” and “doctor” — meanwhile, keeping my fingers crossed for useful results.

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